Test Equipment for sale
prices are as yet undetermined, any offers will be considered
I will not ship any of these O'scopes or Spectrum Analyzers.
You can arrange to pick them up at Shelby or at my home.
Spectrum Analyzer
.01-21 Ghz
Scope is nice and bright
Tuning section
appears to work, digital display works.
Logic State Analyzer.

Scope display is bright and sharp.

This unit comes with
a second
"parts doner"
with side pouch full
of probes.
Spectrum Analyzer.
optimized for frequencies between 5Hz and 50kHz.

Scope display is bright and sharp.
Digital Frequency Counter

Unit works, see display above showing transmit frequency of my UHF amateur radio.
Spectrum Analyzer, 0.02Hz to 25.599 kHz
frequency coverage
Pull out information cards
Comes with Operation Manual
and Factory Service Manual

Unit has bright sharp CRT display
email me
HP-54201A Digitizing O'Scope

Comes with unopened service manual, still sealed in plastic.

See many screens shown below, appears to work fine.
There are no leads with this unit, has BNC connecotors for
test leads.

Let me know if you're interested and we can talk about the price. Otherwise it'll be for sale at the Shelby hamfest.
HP-8555A Spectrum Analyzer,
this unit consists of the 141T
display rack with the 8555A
Spectrum analyzer RF Section
and the 8552B IF Section,
frequency range 0.01 to 40 GHz.

The CRT in the 141T display unit is BAD.
BUT this unit comes with a brand new, still in the original box replacement CRT, see photo below.

I'll sell the entire unit including
the new CRT for what the new CRT cost,    $150.00

NO Shipping, pickup only at my home or at the Shelby hamfest.
<< New CRT.
Box with new CRT >>
HP-853A Spectrum Analyzer
Operation and Service Manual
It's brand new, still sealed in the plastic.
plus postage if you want it shipped.
Data Error Analyzer
Universal Bridge

Pulse Generator
missing one knob

Pulse Generator